Hallowed Falls

Jessica Yuen

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Hazel Plumeria, a descendant of one of the most prominent fairy families in history, has never known life outside of Luna Valley. Her sister, Leah Plumeria, was also born a fairy, but decided to give up her wings and take the Enchantress elixir. The elixir transforms any magical being into a witch permanently. Hazel has always known that life in Luna Valley would never enough for Leah. Even Hazel has started to feel that way lately without really realizing it.Until one day, Leah asked Hazel to move to Hallowed Falls with her. Their mother, Fleur Plumeria had always told them stories about the historic town of Hallowed Falls, where the old Plumeria estate still stands. It was a magical place where all supernatural beings had originated from and once thrived.As soon as they arrive at Hallowed Falls, they meet the new head housekeeper, Lucinda Griffin. They soon learn, there is more to Lucinda than meets the eye.Shortly after their move, the body of a local fairy is discovered outside a cave near the town's cemetery, suspicions arise that a century old vampire, Marco Alexander has returned and has a thirst for fairy blood. The sisters quickly learn that life in Hallowed Falls, which once was a safe haven for all magical beings, holds more than just an old family estate in a small town.

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